Professional lighting lexicon


by Sophie Caclin

How to talk about lighting in English and French? Lighting design, lighting technology, architecture, town-planning, design, production, marketing, sales and the environment. The lexicon lists all of the words and expressions used by professionals. The lighting project is reviewed: lights, materials used, systems and components, implementation and management of installations. From permanent to event, an overview of all types of lighting is provided. Readers: architects, lighting designers, manufacturers, installers, laboratories and universities, public and private contracting authorities. This two-in-one practical guide is intended for all English and French speaking professionals throughout the world.


Keywords: translation English French, translation French French, English to French, French to English, lighting vocabulary, lighting guide


  • Quickly find the right word in English / French

  • Discover new words and expressions

  • Bilingual : French and English

  • 1,400 words about light and project

  • 160 pages black and white

  • Format: 108 x 175 x 14 mm
  • ISBN: 978-2-36925-016-6
  • Book published : May 30, 2016

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