Light in the City A Vector of Social Cohesion? ebook

Edited by Zorica Matic

Each culture is a door that opens onto the universal. Light is a universal language. As a source of life, beauty, and wonder, it transcends all cultural particularism. It is a source of inspiration for artists, philosophers, and researchers, it has always been a factor of political, economic and social development, and nowadays its role is growing.

Light is also knowledge. A complex question in the history of science, the origin of many artistic revolutions, and finally the soil of all spirituality, it is modulated according to our education, our beliefs, and our origins. And since our similarity is based on our differences, it is precisely from the crossing of opposing forces that the social bond will be born.

  • This book is the first publication of the International Day of Light.
  • Published with the support of UNESCO.


Keywords: International Day of  Light, culture of light, light art, light design, lighting, urban lighting, light science, light & society, night

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Light in the City A Vector of Social Cohesion? ebook

ebook content

  • Light, between physics and metaphysics
  • Light as a universal language
  • International Year of Light
  • Light and Arts
  • Lights in the City


  • John Dudley
  • Luc Gwiazdzinski
  • Zorica Matic
  • Eric Michel
  • Maciej Nalecz
  • Roger Narboni
  • Pauline Robert
  • Costel Subran
  • Darko Tanaskovic
  • Yann Toma

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